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Selah's Story


January, 2000

The "Calling"

After years of dedicated service at a pregnancy center, Kara, the founder of Selah’s Center, recognized an unmet community need for homeless pregnant women. 'What next?' Acknowledging the necessity for sustained care for expectant mothers who have chosen life, she decided to embark on this endeavor, driven by her faith and a profound sense of calling to provide sanctuary and support to these vulnerable mothers-to-be.

April, 2000

Selah's Acquires "Hope House"

Selah's opens its first home, "Hope House." A four-bedroom house, generously donated with a low-cost lease. The home can house up to 4 women at a time, staying up to one year while continuing Selah's program. At this point, Selah's has given 440 education courses to members of the community since it began 4 months ago. 

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March, 2022

Selah's Opens 2nd Home

With the assistance of Monroe Missionary Baptist Church, Selah's is able to rent a second residence to accommodate anyone graduating from the one-year program but have not yet secured housing along with mothers who wish to enroll in the program. The additional home can accommodate two more mothers.

January, 2023

Social Worker Added to Staff

Selah's adds a part-time, licensed

Social Worker to its staff to conduct initial assessments of new applicants and facilitate connections within the complex framework of the social services system. 

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Sleeping Baby

December, 2023

God's Work Continues

By the end of 2023, 19 babies have been born into the ministry of Selah's Center of Hope. That equates to 19 babies who might otherwise have been faced with the possibility of abortion or being born with uncertainty on the streets.

April, 2024

Purchase of Own Home

With the prayers and financial support of our generous donors, alongside our committed staff, and above all, by the grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Selah's purchased their own home all within the first 4 years of being established.

This 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home allows for an office for staff for private meetings with residents and a workspace along with a back yard to plant a garden and parking for staff. 

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