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Selah's Success

We are proof that maternity homes are successful with 20 babies being born in our home since our inception in 2020. Those 20 moms had a home to return to after having their baby instead of a car, the street, or returning to an abusive home.

Selah's has served over 275 clients in our community. We've held over 1000 classes on pregnancy, birth, parenting, and life skills. We've provided clothing, formula, diapers, gift cards, and other household necessities for moms. Our employees have helped residents find doctors, jobs and childcare. They've served as their sole support and held their hands while they had their babies. They They picked up our moms with their newborns from the hospital to come home. Our volunteers have taken our moms grocery shopping, held their hands during labor, 

Some of God's Gifts Born at Selah's Hope House

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