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Selah's Mission
Establish a nurturing, Christ-centered environment that fosters healing and empowerment for pregnant women in need. We promote the sanctity of life and recognize the inherent self-worth of each resident while striving to inspire and encourage them to develop their talents and skills while encouraging them toward a life of independence.

We're Here for Moms and their Babies

We offer refuge for women facing unexpected pregnancies, grappling with homelessness, abuse, or trapped in the relentless cycle of poverty without adequate support.

Beyond providing shelter, we extend assistance to address their physical needs and mental well-being.

You Don't Have to Do It Alone

Our approach involves personalized case management with guidance through the sometimes complex system of healthcare, mental health, and social services. Moms also benefit from ongoing support both before and after childbirth.

How it Works

  1. Fill out the application under
    "Get Help" tab or call 734-244-5123

  2. Interview is set-up

  3. Paperwork is reviewed

  4. If qualified, move into home

  5. Start Selah's Program

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