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January 27, 2024 at LaRoy's Hall

an evening of fun, benefitting Selah's Maternity Home


Selah's Center of Hope's Mission
Our Mission is to create a healthy, family, Christ-centered atmosphere for pregnant women in need of a safe and nurturing environment where they can be healed, empowered, and inspired. We promote the dignity of life and self-worth of all our residents and encourage them to live to their fullest potential by developing their God given talents and skills and promoting independence, all while further improving their quality of life.

We're Here for Moms and their Babies

Selah’s Maternity Home provides housing for women with unexpected pregnancy's who are struggling with homelessness, abuse, or stuck in the vicious cycle of poverty with no support.


​In addition to shelter, we assist with their physical needs and services that empower them on their personal journeys toward independence.


Through individualized case management, they receive support navigating their healthcare, mental health and social services. Moms receive continued support post childbirth to continue their end goal of independence. ​While at Hope House, we also encourage the development or strengthening of a deeper spiritual life by creating an environment of Christian love and support.

How it Works

  1. Contact us (Fill out application online  or call 734-244-5123)

  2. Interview is set-up

  3. Paperwork is reviewed

  4. If qualified, move into home

  5. Start Selah's Program

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Pregnant Woman by Birch
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