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We're Here for You and Your Baby

Selah’s Maternity Home provides housing for women with an unexpected pregnancy. Our mission is to create a safe, compassionate, and Christ-centered environment so moms can focus on their health and the health of their baby.

In addition to shelter, we assist with their physical needs and services that empower women on their personal journeys toward independence. They're offered assistance with educational guidance, job assistance and childcare.  


While at Hope House, we also encourage the developing or strengthening of a deeper spiritual life by creating an environment of Christian love and support.

Selah's Center of Hope

Selah's offers a 4-stage program of transformation. Most expectant women coming to Hope House have been abused, trafficked, or stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty so it's important to meet each individual where they are. The staff at Selah's ensures each resident's program is tailored to their specific needs and goals which allows them to see a path to a brighter future for themselves and their child as they begin to heal, be restored and be inspired. 


Residents have access to a Case Manager and Social Worker who assist in scheduling and navigating through medical appointments, social services, mental health, higher education and many other routine appointments. They also have access to volunteers who help with meals, teaching of life skills such as budgets and smart grocery shopping, transportation to appointments, babysitting, tutoring, and so much more.​


Residents receive education classes and mentorship while with Selah's Center of Hope. This support system also continues after leaving the home through Selah's LifeLine Program.


Residents are provided with free housing and supplies during pregnancy and up to 6 months with their newborn while following Selah's transformation program. Our Hope House is beautifully furnished and centrally located in downtown Monroe, Michigan. It serves as a safe, comfortable, and loving environment for our moms and their babies. Each mom has her own room and a community living area. 


  1. Contact us (Fill out application online  or call 734-244-5123)

  2. Interview is set-up

  3. Paperwork is reviewed

  4. If qualified, move into home

  5. Start Selah's Program

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